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We provide everything you need for a stress-free project.

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Together, we participate in the creation and implementation of your financial plan so that the project is successful, and everything is in line with your business capabilities.

Project management

We offer our customers certain products and services on a turnkey basis, or we mediate for you in communication from the plan to the realization of the project when it is necessary.

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We deliver all our products and services as agreed on time, in order to fully satisfy the customer's needs.

Our partners


Wilhelm Lambrecht started his precision mechanics workshop in July 1859, his name became synonymous with outstanding quality. Today, we carry on his legacy as we stand for this quality and can proudly call ourselves the world's most experienced manufacturer and specialist in meteorological measurement technology. We have successfully completed together numerous projects in our region. Worked with local governments, and privately owned companies on various projects from the measurement to renewable energy projects.

Enterprise Electronics Corporation (EEC®)

By managing every part of the production process in-house - from design and manufacturing to final installation - EEC stays focused on creating the most advanced weather radar systems and satellite ground stations for protecting people and assets. End-to-End Solutions For over 40 years, creating turnkey weather detection systems has been an important EEC advantage. Even today, your EEC weather radar is designed by EEC, manufactured by EEC, and installed by EEC. Plus, your key personnel are trained by EEC. We have successfully implemented two radars in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska, bringing their services at the top in the industry and region. Currently operating two best integrated radar systems, C-Band, in the region all in house developed and manufactured.

The Republic Group

TOTEX Corporation

Radiometrics Corporation

Radiometrics manufactures, installs, and services remote sensing systems that deliver real-time wind, temperature, humidity and liquid profiles, and offers innovative, application-specific weather decision support tools. Radiometrics instrumentation includes RAPTOR® radar wind profilers, MP-Series thermodynamic profiling microwave radiometers, and acoustic wind profilers. The Radiometrics product line includes SkyCast® total profiling solutions, numerical weather prediction modeling, hydrometeorological data integration and weather radar networking, and meteorological decision support systems. Applications include airport wind shear detection and alerting, space launch weather nowcasting and forecasting, air quality monitoring, weather modification, wind energy, environmental monitoring, international weather service systems, and atmospheric research. Our unique suite of instruments and integrated solutions keep you Ahead of the Weather®. The MP-3000A profiling microwave radiometer continuously measures air temperature, humidity, and liquid structure in the atmosphere. One of these is in Croatia at MONTECOPE near the Pula airport.